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    A little about us..


    A little about us..

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  • P&Y_featured_beef_filet

    From: $20 Filet Mignon


    Filet Mignon

    From: $20

    Porter & York’s Omaha Natural Angus Filet, perfectly aged at 28 days, is rich and will melt in your mouth. Known for its superior tender texture, this cut is commonly known as a Tenderloin Steak.

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  • P&Y_featured_beef_porter

    From: $25 Porterhouse Steak


    Porterhouse Steak

    From: $25

    This Porter & York Natural Angus Beef Porterhouse gives you a bit of the best with the Filet and New York steak in one cut! Our bone-in, 28-day aged, Natural Angus cut is a sure crowd pleaser with both the rich, tender filet along side the juicy, meaty NY – each with enhanced flavor when prepared with the bone intact.

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  • P&Y_featured_ribeye

    From: $20 Boneless Beef Ribeye


    Boneless Beef Ribeye

    From: $20

    Our Porter & York  28 day aged, Natural Angus ribeye steak is rich, tender and full-flavored with generous marbling throughout. May also be referred to as Beauty Steak, Delmonico Steak and Spencer Steak.

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  • porterhouse-video

    Chef John Howie


    Chef John Howie

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  • P&Y_featured_new_york

    From: $20 New York Strip Steak


    New York Strip Steak

    From: $20

    A true beef flavor can be found in our Porter & York 28 day aged Natural Angus New York Steak.  A favorite to many as a perfect choice for those wanting a lean cut with marbling to bring out its full flavor.

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  • P&Y_featured_beef_bone_rib

    $20 Bone-in Ribeye Steaks


    Bone-in Ribeye Steaks


    Our Porter & York bone-in, 28 day aged,  Natural Angus ribeye steak is rich, tender and full-flavored with generous marbling throughout. The bone is left on to add additional flavor, while the frenching adds to this cuts spectacular plate appeal.

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  • ribroast-4b

    From: $100 Prime Rib


    Prime Rib

    From: $100

    Aged 28 days, our Porter & York  Natural Angus beef prime rib roast is the king of beef.  From its full flavor and  tender meat to its gorgeous bone-in presentation, it is second to none.

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  • ribeye-video

    How to cook a ribeye


    How to cook a ribeye

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  • P&Y_featured_top_sirloin

    From: $10 Top Sirloin


    Top Sirloin

    From: $10

    Our 28 day aged Porter & York Natural Angus top sirloin steak is very lean with a rich beef flavor.  This steak is also commonly referred to as a baseball cut or center cut sirloin.

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  • tenderloin-og

    $125 Beef Tenderloin Roast


    Beef Tenderloin Roast


    Enjoy our perfectly aged  Porter & York Natural Angus Beef Tenderloin Roast.  This 4 lb tender  roast is low in fat with melt-in-your mouth rich flavor, a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion. Feeds 8-10.

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  • P&Y_featured_angus_patties

    $15 Ground Chuck Patties


    Ground Chuck Patties


    These four Porter & York 1/2 lb ground chuck burgers are tender, meaty and lean. Ground fresh, flash frozen and sealed air tight to ensure you receive our highest quality pattie like you made it yourself.  Enjoy!

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  • filet-video

    How to cook a filet


    How to cook a filet

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  • P&Y_featured_veal_bone_rib

    $25 Veal Chop Frenched


    Veal Chop Frenched


    This 14 oz Veal Rib Chop is frenched giving this cut an over the top presentation when serving.  This flavorful, tender  meat is produced with old world tradition and standards.

    This product ships frozen.

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  • P&Y_featured_veal_porter

    $25 Veal Porterhouse


    Veal Porterhouse


    This  14 oz Veal Porterhouse Chop is lean and tender.  Processed with old world tradition then cut to a perfect portion that is sure to satisfy any appetite!

    This product ships frozen.

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  • P&Y_featured_veal_osso_bucco

    $20 Veal Osso Bucco


    Veal Osso Bucco


    Veal Osso Bucco is a spectacular cut of beef with tremendous flavor.   This 12 oz cut is tender and takes on any added seasoning with class while maintaining its comforting texture. An in-house favorite!

    This product ships frozen.

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  • P&Y_featured_pork_porter

    $10 Pork Porterhouse


    Pork Porterhouse


    The Pork Porterhouse Chop is a terrific bone-in chop that includes the loin and the tenderloin.  This 12 oz specialty cut is lean and derives extra flavor from the bone.

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  • P&Y_featured_pork_bone_chop

    $10 Frenched Pork Chops


    Frenched Pork Chops


    The Frenched Pork Chop is impressive both visually and most especially in taste.  This thick, 12 oz chop with the long bone still attached is credited for adding an abundance of flavor to this tender chop.

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  • P&Y_featured_pork_bone_rack

    From: $35 Frenched Pork Rack


    Frenched Pork Rack

    From: $35

    This very elegant Frenched Pork Rack is and impressive, flavorful roast.  The added flavor from the multiple bones and extraordinary eye appeal make it perfect for entertaining or special family dinner.

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  • P&Y_featured_lamb_porter

    $30 Lamb Porterhouse


    Lamb Porterhouse


    These 6 oz Lamb Porterhouse Chops are lean with an abundance of flavor.  Grill it with your favorite seasoning to enhance its very distinct, rich taste.

    This product ships frozen.

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  • P&Y_featured_lamp_french_rack

    $75 Frenched Rack of Lamb


    Frenched Rack of Lamb


    The Frenched Lamb Rack is a tradition all its own.  This gorgeous rack is lean, moist and tender with a distinct succulent flavor that will have you savoring every bite!

    This product ships frozen.

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  • P&Y_featured_ck_airline_breast_2

    $15 Airline Chicken Breast


    Airline Chicken Breast


    The Airline Breast is the most elegant piece of poultry available.  We leave the skin on these boneless breasts and keep the wing bone attached to enhance its natural flavor.  The wing bone brings an added  visual appeal when plated.  The two 8 oz breasts are fresh, all natural and free range.

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  • P&Y_featured_ck_skin_breast

    $15 Chicken Breast


    Chicken Breast


    These two 8 oz Chicken Breasts will be the most tender chicken you have ever eaten.  We leave the skin on these all natural free range breast to enhance flavor and protect the delicate meat when cooking.

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  • SEAFOOD Oyster Shooters

    $15 4 Oyster Shooters & Shot Glasses

    SEAFOOD Oyster Shooters

    4 Oyster Shooters & Shot Glasses


    Jazz up your meal with these four ready to eat Hoods Canal Oysters in our classic Porter & York shot glasses. Each oyster is topped with cocktail sauce,  individually vacuum sealed and shipped frozen preserving that fresh from the sea flavor. Just thaw and shoot!

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  • SEAFOOD Alaskan Crab Legs

    $125 King Crab Legs

    SEAFOOD Alaskan Crab Legs

    King Crab Legs


    Enjoy 5 pounds of succulent Alaskan King Crab Legs, a truly special holiday treat!  Heat, serve….delicious!

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  • P&Y_featured_sea_shrimp

    $50 Peeled Shrimp


    Peeled Shrimp


    2 lbs of succulent jumbo shrimp: peeled, vein removed, tail intact, and ready to cook.  They are terrific sautéed, skewered, added to pasta, accompanying your favorite steak, or served as an appetizer.  Keep a bag in the freezer for an easy any last minute meal.

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  • P&Y_featured_sea_lobster_tail

    $30 Lobster




    The delicate meat of this large 8oz Lobster Tail is rich and succulent.  Caught wild and individually packaged for your convenience, makes this an exquisite meal on its own or as an impressive compliment to your favorite grilled steak.

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  • P&Y_featured_sea_crab_1lb_2

    $50 Dungeness Crab


    Dungeness Crab


    Dungeness Crab is renowned around the world for its sweet, tender meat. This 1 lb package has been freshly cooked, cracked, picked and cleaned!  All ready for  immediate use.  Try it  “Oscar Style” as a steak topping, delicious!

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  • P&Y_featured_sea_scallops_U10

    $50 Scallops




    The delicate meat of the Sea Scallops is elegant and rich in flavor.  These are caught wild in the waters of the north Atlantic.  Dry them thoroughly and sauté them alongside your favorite steak or serve as a meal all by itself.  Keep this 2 lb bag in your freezer for an impressive, quick and easy dinner.

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  • tiles_giftbox_filet

    $75 Gift Box – Filet Foursome


    Gift Box – Filet Foursome


    Treat your family and friends  to the simple delight of four 8 oz, 28-day aged, corn fed beef Fillet Mignons. These are cut fresh and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Individually packed for a immediate dinner use or put them in the freezer for a future special occasion.

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  • tiles_giftbox_bigthree

    $100 Gift Box – The Big Three


    Gift Box – The Big Three


    This fun package has a little something for everyone with beef, pork, and chicken. It includes 4 -12 oz, Porter & York 28-day aged Natural Angus New York steaks, 4 – Porter & York 8 oz Northwest free-range Chicken Breasts, and 4 – Porter & York 12 oz Frenched Pork Chops. All items are individually packaged for your immediate use or freeze for use all year.

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  • tiles_giftbox_landsea

    $250 Gift Box – Land & Sea


    Gift Box – Land & Sea


    Get the best of both worlds with this beef and seafood feast. One 28 day aged, midwest style, Natural Angus, 7 bone Standing Rib Roast, 1 lb of fresh Northwest Dungeness Crab meat, and 8 Hood Canal Oyster shooters in classic Porter & York shot glasses. Enjoy!

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  • tiles_giftbox_sampler

    $225 Gift Box – Super Sampler


    Gift Box – Super Sampler


    Welcome to Porter & York!  Our introductory package has everything you need to get a first class Porter & York experience.  2 -8 oz  Natural Angus Beef Fillet Mignons, 2 -16 oz Natural Angus Beef Porterhouse Steaks, 2 -12 oz Pork Porterhouse Chops, 2 -8 oz Fresh Chicken Airline Breast, 2 -12 oz Omaha Natural Angus Beef New York Striploin Steaks, 2 -20 oz Omaha Natural Angus Beef Bone-in Rib Steaks, and 2 lbs of Natural Angus Beef Ground Chuck patties.  The steaks are hand selected the Porter & York way, cutting only Midwest 28 day aged Natural Angus beef the day your order is shipped.  This is a great way to get to know us and enjoy some of the best from Porter & York Brand Meats at a great discounted price.  Enjoy!

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