Wild King Salmon Portion

Tried it and loved it?

This salmon was wild caught in the waters of southeast Alaska using a line and hook method. After being caught the fish is cleaned and frozen on board to hold in that fresh salmon flavor. When you buy our Bruce Gore Salmon Fillet you are getting a 6 – 8 oz King Salmon portion.


(Serves 1)

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Our salmon is caught in the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska. The fishermen follow a process started over 30 years ago when the fishing industry was revolutionized.  The wild Alaskan salmon fishermen follow a manually intensive Frozen-At-Sea program. The fish are caught using hook and line method to minimize stress, processed immediately onboard, and frozen with 30 minutes. Each fish is then individually hand dipped in a fresh water glaze to create a protective seal, and tagged to ensure every fish is traceable to the source. The result is a premium grade salmon with consistent quality, lustrous appearance, firm flesh and impeccably clean taste.