Ground Chuck Patties with Bacon (6pk)

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Everything is better with bacon!  These 1/3 lb. patties are 75% ground chuck and 25% ground bacon, producing a slightly smokey and very juicy burger. This patty is ground fresh in-house and sealed air tight to ensure you receive our unforgettable, unique bacon patty tasting as fresh as possible.

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Ground chuck patties with bacon from Porter & York are Natural Angus beef that is ground in-house. Our Omaha Natural Angus Ground Chuck is produced from solid muscle chuck section cuts only. Unlike typical grocery store ground beef, we do not co-mingle trim into our ground beef products. This method allows us to guarantee the quality and integrity of our product, as we are able to trace back the source of the beef in every bite.  25% bacon is added during grinding to create a slightly smokey, very juicy 1/2 lb. burger. All of our patties are gluten and dairy free. The added bacon gives it its pale color.