Wagyu Long Bone Prime Rib

The king of all Prime Ribs this long bone Roast is fabricated to impress. The rib roast is found in the primal section known as the rib. The rib primal is located from rib six through twelve, right behind the chuck section. This cut is one of the most well known cuts, primarily due to the popularity of the bone-in rib roast, also known as prime rib. Leaving the entire bone from the rib section makes for a very impressive meal if you have a plate or platter large enough to serve it.

While a common name for the rib roast is “Prime Rib”.  Standing Rib roast is another common name for this cut of beef; it received this name from a cooking method where the roast is cooked vertically instead of horizontally. Dry heat roasting is the preferred method to roast a rib roast with many variations offered to have a perfect roast. Our roasts are perfectly aged to insure flavor and tenderness. This Prime Rib does not come Pre-Frenched, but if you would like to have it Frenched, you can easily do it at home.

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HeartBrand Ranch is an Akaushi cattle ranch headquartered in Harwood, Texas. Focused on improving the beef industry through diligently maintained Akaushi genetics, the HeartBrand team believes in more than just producing great calves. We are dedicated to breeding superior beef. Akaushi (pronounced Aka-ooshie) is a Japanese red Wagyu breed of beef cattle. Originated in Kumamoto, Japan, the breed was developed to provide the remarkable marbling traits Wagyu-type cattle are known for in an animal that can handle a warm environment and perform for today’s cattleman. This rare and prestigious breed is sought after for more than its famous carcass traits. Akaushi cattle combine distinguished marbling with sound structure, high fertility and modern body type. HeartBrand Akaushi cattle calve easy, are structurally sound, wean heavy calves and remain in the herd for many years. Our cattle balance meat quality with performance and look any rancher would be proud to put in their pasture.

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Our Signature Recipe

Sunday Standing Rib Roast

It just so happens we have a custom recipe for this cut. Please feel free to use it and take all the credit!