Lamb Porterhouse (2pk)

These 6 oz Lamb Porterhouse Chops are lean with an abundance of flavor.  Grill it with your favorite seasoning to enhance its very distinct, rich taste.  Two 6 oz chops per order.


(Serves 2)

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When you buy lamb porterhouse from Porter & York, you’re getting delicious USDA Choice lamb that is lean and tender. Lamb Porterhouse Chops are also known as lamb loin chops.  These bone-in chops consist of the top loin and tenderloin just like the beef porterhouse steak. Our lamb is USDA Choice grown and processed in the U.S.A. Lamb Porterhouse Chops are best grilled, broiled or pan fried. This lean meat should be prepared to medium or medium rare to insure a tender, juicy and flavorful chop!

Raising American lamb is a sustainable process. The improved animal husbandry techniques used by ranchers today to manage range lands allows them to protect water and avoid overgrazing in their managed range lands. These techniques promote the return of healthy grazing areas year after year. Sheep’s natural feeding patterns aid a healthy environment by grazing in small areas and then moving on. This natural foraging encourages new growth and is also an organic form of weed control.