Flat Iron

Porter & York’s Flat Iron is aged 28 days for a hearty beef flavor and premium tenderness.  Our butcher’s hand-cut, trim and fully clean our steaks the day we ship them to you.


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Never frozen, good in the fridge for 8-9 days after delivery.

Choose your delivery date at checkout. We cut-to-order the day it ships.

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The Flat Iron has become popular recently as a less expensive alternative to premium steaks, such as the New York.  It has a bold beef flavor and is perfectly designed for grilling – due to its uniform thickness and generous marbling.  It can be cut into steaks or cooked whole.  It should always be cut across the grain to improve tenderness.

Personally, we like it generously seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled whole, then cut into thin strips.  Finally, we top it with a flavorful chipotle compound butter.

Named for its triangle shape similar to a household clothes iron, the Flat Iron is the result of splitting a top blade roast in half and removing the tough connective tissue that runs down its center.