Natural Airline Chicken Breasts (2pk)

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Buy Airline Chicken Breasts from Porter & York and you’ll get an air chilled and free run cut, shipped fresh, never frozen. Taste the difference.

Porter & York's Airline Chicken Breast is the most elegant piece of poultry available.  We leave the skin on a boneless breast and keep the wing bone attached to enhance its natural flavor.  The wing bone brings an added  visual appeal when plated as well.  Two 8 oz breasts per order that are fresh and all natural.


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Buy Airline Chicken Breast Online – Free Run and Air-Chilled. Delivered straight to you within as little as 24 hours.

When you buy Airline Chicken Breasts from Porter & York , you’re getting air-chilled, free run poultry that is tender and full of flavor. Airline chicken breast is a cut comprising of a boneless chicken breast with the drumette attached. This elegant cut has the skin on breast with the first wing joint and tenderloin attached, otherwise boneless. The cut is also known as a frenched breast. Our chicken is a free run product that is grown in the Pacific Northwest. The birds are Air-Chilled.   Air-Chilled birds do not have the opportunity to absorb any of the water that the traditional water bath methods employ, which can be as much as 8% of the chicken’s body weight. Because of this you will find that our chicken is a cleaner product and the meat will be much more tender and flavorful than any other.

The airline chicken breast is also known as “statler chicken”, a name which originated from the Boston Hotel Statler, built in 1927 by E.M. Statler. A chicken dish stating it is “Statler” simply means it is a breast of chicken with the drumette still attached. This presentation of the chicken breast is common in Europe. There are two 8 oz breasts per order.

Smoked Airline Chicken Breast

with Ashley Rodriguez

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 in
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It just so happens we have a custom recipe for this cut. Please feel free to use it
and take all the credit!

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Pan-Roasted Chicken Recipe


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Not all chicken is created equal.

Completely Natural

100% vegetarian diet, no hormones, no antibiotics

When you buy chicken from Porter & York, you’re getting free run poultry that is grown in the Pacific Northwest, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, no hormones, no antibiotics.

Air Chilled

Taste the difference!

Our chicken is chilled in air throughout processing.  Most chicken found in grocery stores has been chilled in water, causing it to become waterlogged.   You will find that our chicken is much cleaner, and the meat will be among the most tender and flavorful you’ve ever had.


We leave the skin on.  The skin acts like parchment paper to hold in moisture, ensuring the delicate meat will be succulent and tender when prepared.  Feel free to remove skin after cooking. This may be the best chicken you have ever prepared!

Cut-to-Order, Delivered Fresh – Never Frozen!

Your order is cut the day it ships from chicken that has never been frozen.  Freezing and thawing compromises the flavor and tenderness of the chicken, freezing poultry this good would be a shame!  Products arrive vacuum sealed for incredible freshness.

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