Baby Back Pork Ribs

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These one pound Baby Back Ribs are the finest, most consistent pork available today.  Porter and York's Natural Pork products are fed natural western wheat and barley – never given hormones, antibiotics or animal proteins.

Our Pork comes from heritage breed hogs with superior genetic lines – specifically, Duroc boars and “white line” sows, both of which are known for their robust health and great taste.  These breeds, along with great feed, provide a pork product with superior color, texture and marbling normally only found in fine dinning establishments.  This isn't your grocery store's pork!

This item ships frozen.

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Porter & York’s Pork Baby Back Ribs are Bursting with Flavor. Delivered straight to you within as little as 24 hours.

Our baby back rib racks arrive individually packaged so you can prepare them however you like – BBQ, braised, or smoked.  Enjoy!

Cook pork to an internal temperature of 145 degrees (slight pink blush in center) and you will have a tender, flavorful, juicy pork rib rack. These delicious pork ribs lend themselves well to all dry rubs, brining or marinades which will intensify flavor and retain moisture when cooking.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 5 x 1 in

6, 7

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Natural Heritage Breed Pork

It tastes like a whole different animal.  This is not your grocery store’s pork.

Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork gives you the real taste of pork.  Sourced from family-owned and operated farms in America’s Mountain West, these are natural breeds with more fat, tenderness and flavor than you’ve ever had before.


Our farmers breed their pigs to yield the juiciest, most flavorful pork available.

They bring together:

  • The Best Genetics
  • The Best Nutrition
  • The Cleanest Environment
  • The Most Humane Treatment of Pigs

All of Salmon Creek’s farmers raise only Duroc boars and “white line” (Landrace, Chester White, Yorkshire cross) sows to produce our pigs. While Duroc boars are known for their superior growth and meat quality, the “white line” sows tend to raise strong, healthy litters of pigs.


Raised on Western Grains.  Antibiotic and Hormone Free.

In addition to breeding healthy lines of pigs, our farms only give them high quality feed as well as wheat and barley, much of which is homegrown. Our pigs are never fed antibiotics or hormone-like growth promotants. We never add artificial enhancers, preservatives, chemicals or extra moisture either. With meat this nutritious and delicious, you don’t need anything more.


Cut-to-Order and Delivered Fresh – Never Frozen!

Your order is cut fresh the day it ships from pork that has never been frozen.  Freezing and thawing compromises the flavor and tenderness of meat, freezing pork this good would be a shame!

Learn more about how Porter & York works.