The delicate meat of this large 12/14oz Lobster Tail is rich and succulent.  Caught wild and individually packaged for your convenience, makes this an exquisite meal on its own or as an impressive compliment to your favorite grilled steak.

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Lobster – all natural and chemical free. Delivered straight to you within as little as 24 hours.

When you buy lobster from Porter & York, you’re getting all natural seafood that is free of chemicals. These succulent 12/14 oz. lobster tails are wild caught by day boats in the waters off the Canadian east coast. These lobster tails are all natural and 100% chemical free. They are individually cleaned, packaged and frozen.

To prepare the lobster tails can be boiled, grilled or broiled. You want to cook lobster until it is opaque and firm to the touch. Take care not to overcook as it will become tough and lack flavor.

How to De-Shell Our Lobster Tail